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Through Nuboj, you can turn information from your company assets into precious business insights.

Why Nuboj

Nuboj engine
Ongoing investment
Controlled by you
  • Ready to go


    When moving from the platform to the product, using Nuboj means being able to speed up commissioning a solution in just a few days and giving the customer the chance of creating a custom-made configuration and customization over time.

  • Integration

    Designed to be integrated

    IoT solutions are based on the importance of turning your data into a company asset. With Nuboj the integration becomes “by design”, and the device data can be easily transferred into each and every company department and operation. CRM, Technical support, EAM, Pay-per-Use, Machine learning, ERP, telemetry and Augmented Reality Applications

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  • Orientato al business


    Nuboj incorporates the know-how developed by Tempestive over the years as a system integrator, creating an IoT solution that can work in several business areas.

  • Sicuro


    A powerful security model, based on single tenants, users, operations and roles, grants data privacy, data segregation (privacy) and compliance with the regulations in force.

  • Su misura

    Clever S.a.a.S

    A strategy based on trust and precision leads to a critical and down-to-the-last-cent assessment. No surprises with Nuboj: what you send is what you spend.

    What You Send is What You Spend

  • Agnostico


    The Nuboj engine, based on the collector&commander model, gives you an open product, independent of device type and the way it communicates. Once it recognizes the device language, Nuboj adapts.

Sending data to Nuboj is easy and you can choose between different ways:

Without gateway

With server gateway

With gateway and ​propretary protocol

Through bluetooth ​mobile app


From data collection to real-time action

It is specifically designed to solve company business problems, it provides a number of standard tools to manage the assets, events, alarms and telemetry data connected to it.

  • Efficiency

    It creates new efficiency opportunities at single process level, autonomously controlling machinery, processes and processing status, regulating and optimizing plant and product consumption to achieve lean, just-in-time production models and uninterrupted improvement.

  • Fleet management

    Thanks to our technology, fleet managers and managers can collect complex information at the speed of thought, using BI tools to display important business metrics clearly and concisely.

  • Control your assets

    It programs operations rapidly and only when needed, in time to avoid any production malfunctioning and downtime, thanks to the uninterrupted monitoring of machine operation conditions.

  • Monitoring

    It intervenes in real time thanks to the mapping of the entire value chain, so that any inefficiency can be detected at the root to eradicate the main causes.

  • servitilization

    Continue your relationship with your customers through digital channels and a wide array of connected services, be more competitive!

Support team

The more you stay in,
the more you gain

Nuboj is an agile product centered on ongoing development and improvement. It is based on the crowd know-how concept, taking advantage of collective intelligence to make it available to all our customers. Nuboj gives you a product designed by customers for customers.

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