Getting value out of data

See the results our customers achieved with Nuboj.

Thanks to Tempestìve's IoT product Nuboj, our customers achieved tangible return on investement, and these are their accomplishments.​

Data asset

-50% warranty interventions

By monitoring the machines and defining metrics and alerts, the customer was alerted through notifications of warranty lapse and the need for routine machine maintenance. Thanks to Nuboj and this preventive strategy, the company was able to reduce warranty interventions by 50%.

Reduction time to market

-84% time to market

Thanks to its inherent quality of being a turnkey product and its quickly configurable tools, Nuboj provided the customer with a ready-to-use system in 2.5 days. As a result, the company was able to reduce its time to market by 84% and timely seized new business opportunities.

Business increment

+25% revenue

HACCP regulations have created market niche. Thanks to Nuboj, the company was able to add constant, annual fee services to its traditional products, so to enable the end customer to perform mandatory checks. Hence, the company gained a continual revenue stream over time, monetizing data collection linked to quality control.

Augment productivity

+50% productivity

By processing data collected from connected machines, this company was able to identify and address causes of inefficiency in human-machine communication. Result? Zero downtime, maximum machine utilization. The free time created thanks to Nuboj was transformed into a service that was sold to third-party customers, increasing production by 50%.

Reduction operating cost

-30% operating cost

Thanks to Nuboj, this company already achieved a great result: a 50% increase in production. But not only: by processing the data collected by the machines and solving the causes of the inefficiency in the communication between man and machine, it has also been possible to reorganize and rationalize the production going from three to two shifts per day, reducing personnel costs by 30%.

Connecting things. Obtaining results.

Watch the videos: our customers connected a lot of devices with Nuboj.

Thanks to the connectivity of the machines, this stove manufacturer was able to collect data that was previously unknown to the company: how the product is used and the end user identification, the status of the machine for both engineering and commercial purposes. Thanks to Nuboj, the company now knows how the end user uses the product. This knowledge enabled the activation of the most effective strategies in terms of customer service and customer care.

Your IoT business partner offers:

Expertise to guide your business.

Team working with us means belonging to a group that shares processes and choices, we combine our consolidated experience with your needs to identify the best proposals for your business.

The value of collective intelligence.

This value translates into being updated daily on present and future technologies, exchanging experiences and skills with us and our customers in a constant, bidirectional way: our long-term, top-level relationship with IBM, Microsoft and Gartner guarantees making the best choices with crowd know-how in mind.
Grow on giants’ shoulders.

Grow on giants’ shoulders.

Our customers’ bond with us is based on trust, on being able to find the same, valid professionals at all times, thanks to truly low staff turnover.
On being able to count on standard-technology solutions that do not bind you to the provider.
Our customers use our services for years, growing with our solutions.

Join our consolidated family made of partners

Nuboj is designed, built and operated by Tempestive S.p.A.

With the expertise and long experience accumulated in areas such as systems integration, large solution management, operations in many industrial sectors and the robustness of the company, Tempestive assures you the evolution of Nuboj over time, allowing you to focus on your business.
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Accelerated ROI with Industry 4.0

Connecting things. Obtaining results.

Companies that choose Nuboj were able to obtain the benefits of tax breaks provided by the Industry 4.0 Plan. This can happen not only thanks to the simple connectivity of the machines (which is not enough to obtain the evaluation) but, above all, thanks to the rapid interoperability of the product with the information system of the customer, which is a mandatory requirement for compliance with the standard.

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