The ready-to-use, intelligent IoT product that collects and analyzes data from connected machines and transforms them into useful results to improve the business of device manufacturing and management companies.

Connecting things. Obtaining results.



Operating costs




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What is Nuboj?

From Internet of Things to Internet of Results

Nuboj is Tempestìve's ready-to-use IoT product that transforms the data collected by connected machines into useful results to improve your company's business. 25% increase in turnover, 30% reduction in operating costs, 50% increase in production, 50% reduction in warranty claims, 84% reduction in time to market, are just some of the results achieved by companies that have already chosen Nuboj. But that's not all, we offer a ready-to-use product that allows the implementation of IoT in the company in a few days, allowing companies to become quickly and promptly competitive.

Who has already chosen Nuboj


Connecting things to results

Our clients have connected completely different 'objects' thanks to Nuboj.

Don't set limits, the next connected device could be be yours.

Condizionatori industriali

Industrial air conditioners

Best management of maintenance operations, reduction of costs, improvement of brand perception towards customers.


Improvement of heathing technologies and performance, high quality of the offered service, synchronization and monitoring of the entire organization in real time.
Tavoli operatori

Operating tables

Maximum efficiency of the operating environment performance, together with a better management of information flows between health archives and medical operators.
Collari per cani

Dog collars

Monitoring the dog's various activities, collecting data and information. Have a general and constantly updated picture of the four-legged friend's health status.

Washing machines

Reorganization and rationalization of production by reducing personnel costs. Zero downtime, maximum use of the machines. Resale of the service offered with increased productivity.


Guarantee of correct use of the machine, detection of the need for maintenance, continuous improvement of product quality.

What you need is what you get

Nuboj has a plan for any result you want to achieve.

Choose your journey, as you would do in an agency choosing your travel destination. The possibilities are endless, we will guide you to the best choice for your business.

Controllo centralizzato

Management system

Use Nuboj as a centralized system to manage all the devices you produce.

Applicazione custom

Custom app

Use Nuboj as your management system but with an app based on your market's needs.



Use Nuboj to improve the management and the planning of your maintenance activities to reduce errors and downtimes.



Connected machines enable product servitisation: you will be able to sell not only the product, but also new directly connected services, generating new and constant revenue over time.

Miglioramento prodotto

Product improvement

Experiment and learn how your customers use your devices for a better product experience together with more customer satisfaction.

Basic IoT

Basic IoT

Not sending data to the cloud yet? Don't worry, let's create the basis for your IoT system with Nuboj.

Support team

Nuboj can be implemented in totally different products.

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